In Search of a Yeti

Well, I have returned after a week hopping around Florida’s Theme Parks. I have to say I had a fun time, especially at Disney’s Epcot Center and Animal Kingdom. The highlight for me was probably Expedition Everest™ which takes you to the remote Himalayas on-board a rickety ratcheting railway car that climbs up and through a mountain pass to a possible encounter with a mysterious cryptid —The Yeti or the Abominable Snowman of the the East!  This is a well-designed and entertaining exhibit. Gone are the old days of being stuck in lines, sweating to death for hellishly long boring stretches of time.  The Disney imagineers have integrated the wait as part of the ride.

As you walk along through winding corridors you read about the Yeti, observe various artifacts, and learn about an ill-fated expedition that allegedly encountered the humanoid beast.    There are several classic books on the Yeti shown in specimen cases and some neat carvings showing the Yeti as a fetish and as a deity.  He’s usually portrayed as a demon-like being.   There are 100’s of items on display.  Disney does such a terrific job of pitching the authenticity of the Yeti artifacts that it’s difficult to determine what is real (various books and possibly some of the carvings), from the fabricated.  I was hooked from the get-go.  The wait was about 20 minutes, but I wasn’t bored a minute.  In the display below, a Yeti has beat up an old cassette recorder and some camping gear…

As you walk through the Yeti Research Museum, you read various anecdotes about Yeti attacks.  Based on carvings he appears to be fond of eating yaks and other domesticated mountain animals.   He also attacks people…

I particularly like many of the totems posted outside of the exhibit, just to set the tone…

The Yeti is always portrayed with large canine teeth or tusks, and usually with wide set eyes.  He looks a bit like Warner Bros. Tasmanian Devil character.

As we end the museum visit, we see a alleged Yeti footprint.  It’s gigantic at over 2.5′ in length, and there’s a statement by a Yeti expert that the weight of the evidence leads to the conclusion that the Yeti is real.

The ride is really cool too, with reversals and a few surprises.  I’ve attached a YouTube clip.  At one point the Yeti appears in silhouette  and rips up the coaster tracks.  But you have to look quick to catch a glimpse of the elusive snowman of the Himalayas!  Great fun and a must ride for young and old cryptozoologists!

3 Responses to “In Search of a Yeti”

  1. Thanks for the ride – beats paying for it.

  2. COOL! Thanks for the ride.

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