Color Diplovertebron!

The diplovertebron is the amphibious creature from The Monster of Piedras Blancas.  The monster suit also appeared in Episode 30 – Flipper’s Monster, from Season 1 of the color TV series Flipper.  This offers a nice glimpse of the suit in color.  I can’t say if this is the original color of the suit (the original Metaluna Mutant feet, used for TMOPB costume were silvery gray).  It looks to me that some of the suit was doctored up a bit and possibly air brushed.  The episode is available for viewing on HULU.—original-flippers-monster

One Response to “Color Diplovertebron!”

  1. Jimmy Gibson Says:

    Diplovertebron is a cruel merciless monster that kills men, women and even little children!!! He is truly a horrible monster!!!!!

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