Jack Freulich “Bride” Images

Jack Freulich was a still photographer at Universal Studios. IMDb notes he worked in the camera and electrical department. He died in 1936.  I don’t know much about him, but I spotted these fantastic images from Bride of Frankenstein (Universal, 1935), posted in a catalogue for artifacts for the upcoming Hollywood Auction #44, May 14-15, 2011.  I couldn’t resist posting them purely for the sake of sharing them.  They are items #803-805 which are 8-inch x 10-inch black and white negatives on nitrate stock. These are large camera format negatives, probably from a studio view camera. Suggested price range for each is $3,000 to $6,000. Wow. Take a look at the side profile image of the monster —you can see the cranial staples also around the top perimeter of Karloff’s head (not just the temple staples). I have never seen this before. Have you? These images allow us to further appreciate Jack Pierce’s masterful and pioneering makeup for the Frankenstein monster and his bride.



One Response to “Jack Freulich “Bride” Images”

  1. Great images! Had never noticed before but in the “Bride of Frankenstein” the staples/clamps on the Monster’s left temple are clearly visible in several scenes, like the one where the Monster smokes a cigar with the old hermit. These clamps aren’t visible in “Frankenstein” 1931. I read somewhere once that the bolts on the Monster’s neck are not “electrodes” as they are commonly called, but are mechanical clevis pins–implicitly Dr. Frankenstein used these to hang the Monster up by the neck, presumably to work on it.

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