Dissection of a Film Strip

I buy lots of dumb rubbish that accumulates in my house.  Case in point —a 35mm film trailer from the Coen Brother’s True Grit.  I paid $5 for it at the Motor City Comic Con.  I don’t have a 35mm projector.  So what good is it?  I like the imagery contained on the film stock.  I have a Canon CanoScan 5600F photo, film and slide scanner, and a 35mm Film Scanning Mask (made by Lomography), which allows me to make super cool high-rez scans of various frames from the trailer.  Actually, it is surprising how much information is packed on the film for your viewing and listening experience.

The film contains a positive image (much like slide film).  To the left and right are a series of perforations (4 per frame) that have a distinct shape. These are “KS” perfs for Kodak Standard.  They measure 0.0780 inches (1.981 mm) high by 0.1100 inches (2.794 mm) wide. The blue stripe to the right of the sprocket hole is a digital Sony “SSDD” soundtrack used by those theaters equipped for that audio processing (there are actually two channels, but the left is cropped in this scan).  Impressed on the left series of sprocket holes is a Dolby Soundtrack.  There is actually a tiny Dolby trademark between each sprocket perforation.  To the right of the Dolby track are two analog channels (for old theaters), and a dashed code which is a timing feature for DTS-capable theaters.  All this so we can watch True Grit!




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