George Pal’s Logan’s Run?

While thumbing through “Famous Monsters” #50 (July 1968), Forry Ackerman refers to upcoming films in an article “Happy Days Are Here Again” (pg. 4), including George Pal’s “most expensive under-taking of a lifetime: LOGAN’S RUN”. Wow.

Too bad Pal never brought the completed project to fruition.

Forry also refers to a flick “Night of the Auk”. I wonder what that was about?

Here’s additional info on Pal’s “Run”.


2 Responses to “George Pal’s Logan’s Run?”

  1. Night of the Auk was based upon an Arch Oboler radio play called “Rocket from Manhattan.” It was broadcast, as I recall, on X Minus One vas well as some other shows including Obolers own program in about 1945.

    The complete script is at

    It’s a cautionary tale about Atomic Bombs.

    Perhaps someone was considering bringing it to the big screen?

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