Mad Scientist Render

From the deep creative recesses of Max’s mind comes this delightful render of a Mad Scientist.  There’s a lot going on in this image —the mind boggles and I ask these questions:

  • Is that a Tesla Coil the scientist stands on?
  • Why can’t I touch the Unknown Creature?
  • What is the Unknown Creature? Is it Frankenchicken?  Or a lizard?
  • Why is the I and TEST in testing bold?  I Test?
  • Is the scientist electrified?  Appears so.  He has giant rubber boots to insulate himself.  
  • Why does the scientist have 17 buttons on his lab coat?  How long does it take him to put that thing on?
  • I like his mustache.  He must be French?  Is he a French Mad Scientist?
  • What is being poured on the lab floor from those bottles?
  • And why is there a happy face button on the work bench?

5 Responses to “Mad Scientist Render”

  1. Max Downard Says:

    yes it is a tesla coil
    the creature is getting deadly tests done
    its my new pet
    i didnt have room
    i dont know what u mean
    the coat had to fit him and it takes him 1 hr. per button thats why he dosent get mutch done
    he is french
    poison and root beer
    its a stress ball
    THE ENDv

  2. Max Downard Says:

    This is Dave, Max said the black spots on his face were from an explosion in the lab, as was the hair standing up.

  3. doubledeckerdave Says:


  4. Did it blow up because French Mad Scientist mixed poison and rootbeer?

  5. doubledeckerdave Says:

    He put too much sodium in water.

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