Destination Inner Space (1966)

Here’s one I had never seen.  It’s like a cross between The Atomic Submarine, Creature from the Black Lagoon and a Flipper Episode. It’s Destination Inner Space!  The film has a distinct television feel and was copyrighted by Television Enterprises Corp.  I’m assuming it was made for television, but might have been released for the Drive-In circuit.  Does anyone know?  There’s not a whole lot written about the film on IMDb.

I like the cast.  Scott Brady and Gary Merrill (Mysterious Island) are both capable actors.  Wende Wagner looks good in scuba attire too.  The film is set on a marine research vessel and submersible underwater laboratory (sorta a poor man’s version of The Abyss).  The crew encounters a weird underwater saucer-craft and an amphibious being (well designed by Richard “Gianbattistia” Cassarino).  

The film also stars Mike Road.  Who the heck is Mike Road?  Well, you’ve heard him before.  His voice drove me bonkers and I finally placed where I had heard him.  He’s Race Bannon from the original Hannah & Barbera series Jonny Quest (first airing in 1964). Check out his voice: Mike Road as Hugh Maddox

I love the monster.  It’s probably the most colorful “gill-man” in any film I can recall.  These images don’t capture the colors, but he has bright scarlet and yellow fins, and bluish gray scales and red eyes. Designer Richard Cassarino also worked on The Hideous Sun Demon.  The guy was good with latex appliances.

The screenplay was penned by Arthur C. Pierce, who is also known for Women of the Prehistoric Planet (Ouch brutal, 1966), Cyborg 2087 (1966), Beyond the Time Barrier (1960), Invasion of the Animal People (1959), and The Cosmic Man (1959).  

Never ever take flares into a submersible alien saucer-craft.

Destination Inner Space came my way via Amazon and Cheezyflicks. The copy is so so, but you would be hard-pressed to find a better print.  All in all, a fun little film worth a look for the creature design and the voice of Race Bannon.

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