Forbidden Planet Paperback (1967)

“It was erect —a bulbous shape some seven feet high and constructed like a mad infant’s drawing of a man, with the mass of it contained in the body. Below the body were two stumpy, stilt-like legs and projecting from the upper part, at the shoulders, two arm-like projections. The head was a dome-like excrescence, and it was from this that the stabs of light were coming…”

“I am monitored to react to word Robby.”

I found the first edition of the pulp paperback adaptation of the film Forbidden Planet by W.J. Stuart. I think it is based on screenplay and not the original story, but I am not sure. The original copyright is 1956 by Loews, Inc. I like the artwork of Robby.

One Response to “Forbidden Planet Paperback (1967)”

  1. Actually, it’s the second edition.
    The first edition used art more closely based on the movie promo art…

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