In Tesla’s Laboratory

Here in the dark what ghostly figures press!—

No phantom of the Past, or grim or sad;

No wailing spirit of woe; no spectre, clad

In white and wandering cloud, whose dumb distress

Is that its crime it never may confess;

No shape from the strewn sea; nor they that add

The link of Life and Death —the tearless mad,

That live nor die in dreary nothingness;

But blessed spirits waiting to be born —

Thoughts, to unlock the fettering chains of Things;

The Better Time; the Universal Good.

Their smile is like the joyous break of morn;

How fair, how near, how wistfully they brood!

Listen! that murmur of angels’ wings.

In Tesla’s Laboratory

By Robert Underwood Johnson, The Century Magazine, 1895

This week celebrates the 155th anniversary of Nikola Tesla’s birth.  The image below is plate No. 13 from “Tesla’s Oscillator and Other Inventions”. Can you imagine being in Tesla’s South 5th Avenue Lab, NY, taking pictures with Mark Twain?  That’s Tesla to the left —Twain is holding a large induction coil and lamp over one of Tesla’s resonating coils.  I’m not sure who photographed this image —possibly professional photographer Dickenson V. Alley, who worked for The Century Magazine, and Tesla used to document his research at Colorado Springs, in 1899.

T. Commerfold Martin, 1895. Tesla’s Oscillator and Other Inventions, The Century Magazine.

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