1: 144 Scale War of the Worlds Attack Diorama


I finished up the Pegasus “War of the Worlds” kit with some modifications. I swapped out the Sherman tanks for a beat-up old N-scale pickup. I added a HO-scale tree and coated the base with rail-road ballast and fuller’s earth. I actually incorporated tiny green lamps in the front nose-piece of each martian wing (that is a work in progress). The wings are levitated with rare-earth magnets in the base. I carefully balanced the wings using bismuth pellets which have paramagnetic attributes and perfectly float the space craft over the base (*ok -I’m full of bees wax. I photo-shopped out the pedestals). Pretty cool huh?

3 Responses to “1: 144 Scale War of the Worlds Attack Diorama”

  1. Nice. You really had me going with the rare earth/ballast ting, but the I realized, when would you have time for all of that around the Pops shows.

  2. Very cool, Barry!

  3. Nice! Currently finishing mine up as well with a few modifications.

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