Cowboys & Aliens (2011)

This film was entertainment, but I had some problems with it. I’ve been belly-aching to see a decent, but original alien design. Cowboys & Aliens generally delivered —the aliens look a bit familiar (with their belly-pouch three-fingered hands), but the combination of full-scale prosthetic effects, makeup and CGI worked for me. This film is full of bad hollywood stereotypes (native Indians throwing spears), but what would you expect from a film titled Cowboys & Aliens? Spielberg is such bullshit. He directs a film like “The Lost World” with Ian Malcolm’s black girl (with no explanation), and then produces this bowl of cliché with dancing Indians and warpaint around a campfire. Still, the film was entertaining. I liked Daniel Craig as the gunslinger and Sam Rockwell was fine as doc. I’ve seen the “doc” character before too. Harrison Ford plays a crass old confederate colonel and cattle baron. His role was a departure from what I’m used to seeing him in of late. He’s also become a cliché. That dude needs to fire his agent. Man he has taken some crappy roles.

I won’t reveal anything else about the film. Cool effects. Good production design. Loved the alien spacecraft. Decent story. Cowboys & Aliens. Dumb ending. I didn’t understand the female lead —WTF. Wait for DVD or streaming. Next up Cowboys & Dinosaurs?

2 Responses to “Cowboys & Aliens (2011)”

  1. Cowboys and dinosaurs? Is it time for a reboot of “Valley of Gwangi” 1969?

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