Obie’s Dubious Ceratopsian

Here’s a terrific image of Willis O’Brien animating a ceratopsian dinosaur (said to be Agathaumus). Check out the glass plate in back with a matte painting and model “Dr. Seuss-like” trees in the foreground. The source of the image is “aintitcoolnews” (see link below), submitted by William Forsche from a photo credit by James N. Doolittle. At first, I thought this was the styracosaurus from Son of Kong, but Obie is too young and the model is different. Aintitcool referenced 1925’s The Lost World, which is correct. Here’s a few screen captures from the film:

Note the squiggly palm trees in back on the screen-captures and in the photograph. Yup, they’re the same. I like the detail on the ceratopsian. I had to look up the dinosaur Agathaumus. It’s a nomen dubium —a fossil of unknown and doubtful or dubious nomenclature. It was the first known ceratopsian described by science (1872, Lance Fm., Wyoming). The original specimen was largely identified from fragments and incomplete remains.–actually-film–Styracosaurus-Elasmotherium-pursuit—lo?page=2#.TjskM80e0eg

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