Books on Kong

There’s considerable material written about King Kong (1933).  Here are two of my favorite books on the matter.  All the King’s Men, Volume 1: The Orville Goldner Interviews (Douglas Turner, 2011, Luminary Press) is dedicated entirely to RKO technician/jack of all trades Orville Goldner, who worked on Willis O’Brien’s team on Creation, The Most Dangerous GameKing Kong, Son of Kong and SHE.  Goldner’s specialty was miniatures and he fabricated and worked on many of the famous sets for these films.  This is a terrific book and full of detail and scarce production images from KK and other films.  Based on the read, Goldner was a fascinating and educated man who ended up teaching film courses at several universities and colleges.

Willis O’Brien: Special Effects Genius (Steve Archer, 1993, McFarland) was difficult to find —a first edition hardcopy goes for about $200 bones on Amazon.  I tracked down a near-mint soft copy from the same vender. This is an informative collection of O’Brien’s work, anecdotes, associates, films and unrealized ventures.  

I liked how the book is broken down into the basics: Part I. Films, Part II. Story Ideas, Part III. Collaborators, with Filmography, Notes and Bibliography. It’s all you need on Obie! Both books are available through Amazon.

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