Things With Claws (Pulp)

This is a 35-cent Ballantine pulp paperback from 1961.  It’s an anthology and the surreal cover is more horrifying than the content.  Too bad the artist wasn’t given credit.  I love these old pulps.  Here are the contents (edited by Whit & Halie Burnett):

  • The Birds, Daphne du Maurier
  • The Cats, T.K. Brown III
  • The Cocoon, J.B.L. Goodwin
  • Baby Buntings, Radcliffe Squires
  • The Red Rats of Plum Fork, Jesse Stuart
  • Butch, Oreste F. Pucciani
  • The Salamander, William B. Seabrook
  • Return of the Griffins, A.E. Shandeling
  • Congo, Stuart Cloete
  • The Cat Man, Byron Liggett

Actually, I need to get around to reading this.  For the time being I will admire the cover —and have nightmares.

One Response to “Things With Claws (Pulp)”

  1. Vintage horror paperbacks – I can’t get enough of ’em either! But other than the du Maurier, I’m completely unfamiliar with the authors and stories. Hmm…

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