The Thing (Special Edition LD)

The prequel/remake of John Carpenter’s The Thing opens next weekend. I’m hoping the film delivers.  For my money, the Howard Hawk’s 1951 film is one of the finest sci-fi/horror films every made.  Here’s a scarce laserdisc produced by Image Entertainment, from 1991 (licensed from Turner Home Entertainment).  The disc is unusual in having the following features:

  • An essay and gatefold jacket
  • Trailer
  • “Uncut” version of the film
  • Production and pressbook materials
  • Various photos
  • Complete text from John W. Campbell’s story “Who Goes There?”
  • Side 2 in CAV – Constant Angular Velocity (you can freeze-frame scenes)
  • Weird packaging where the disc sits on a spindle insert
When this disc came out I flipped.  It cost around $50 back then. The print is sharp and the sound better than a crummy DVD pressing a few year’s back. I wish this sucker would get the full treatment by Criterion. Here’s the cover:

I’ve never been able to tell if this print shows some additional footage. It’s listed as an uncut version of the film.  There’s a few scenes showing sled-dogs that might be extra, but all the scenes with the “Intellectual Carrot” were in an old TV copy I had.   No surprise clips on the origin of The Thing. I might just watch it this week.

One Response to “The Thing (Special Edition LD)”

  1. Wow… awesome disc.

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