Every year I try to make at least three horror film conventions —Monster Bash, in Butler, PA in July, and Cinema Wasteland, in Strongsville, Ohio, in April and October.  Periodically I’ll also check out the Motor City Comicon, Horror Hound Weekend and Texas Frightmare.  However, I’ve been going to Wasteland for 10 years or so.  It’s far and away my favorite show.   Wasteland has a distinct gritty urban feel —aroma perhaps?   It’s hard to explain unless you go there.  The show has a loyal base of supporters comprised of a mixed bag of neo-punksters, rockers, drive-in aficionados, gore-hounds, partiers, slutty girls, goth girls, lot’s of folks with really interesting tattoos, independent film-makers, bloggers and fans of the scene.  Where else can you go and see a movie titled Antfarm Dickhole?  It’s about —well, I’ll sugar coat it and say a man with ants in his pants (just to be polite).

The movies generally suck.  Oh man, I’ve seen some veritable crappy films at the Wasteland. This year I caught up with my buddies from Chicago, Toledo and Buffalo, like I do twice a year (except last Spring due to BB’s wedding… Who the F get’s married Cinema Wasteland weekend?).  Friday night we partied hard and watched a perfectly good copy of The Legend of Boggy Creek get shredded Mystery Science Theater 3000-style by some cat named Gunga Jim (but with bad jokes).  Best voiceover: “Now why would a hairy stinky ape living in the swamps of Arkansas eating possum innards want to wash his feet?”

The dealer room is sweet too.  I picked up John Landis’ 100 Years of Monsters (2011) and a weird-ass collection of suppressed horror comics from the 1950’s.  The Landis book is a glossy tribute to monsters of filmdom.  There are several images in the book I had never seen before.  I also grabbed about 10 DVDs.  I’m looking forward to watching the Sid Haig Creature film and an Italian Jaws knockoff The Last Shark.   Maybe I’ll get around to reviewing them.

Well, only 6 more months away till the April show…



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