H.P. Lovecraft Imagined in Photography?

Every year I check out Nikon’s Small World Competetion (http://www.nikonsmallworld.com/).  Here are a few of my favorite micro-images.  They remind me not of something from nature, but imagery from the recesses of H.P. Lovecraft’s most frightening tales.  We have a mast cell from the conjuctiva of a human eye, the bulbous stalked eye of a water flea, and the proboscis of a fly.   The water flea’s eye reminds me of the cyclopean alien from The Atomic Submarine (1960).

One Response to “H.P. Lovecraft Imagined in Photography?”

  1. Very Lovecraftian. The top image looks like Cthulhu. The middle image does look like the alien from The Atomic Submarine, but that alien had an eyelid that opened and closed, which creeped me out as a child.

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