Death by Embalming?


This is an embalmer’s trocar. It’s used to drain fluids from a body and circulate embalming fluid into the corpse. I’ve been in Maine, traveling with my girlfriend, and we stayed a few nights in Millinocket. One night we went to a local watering hole for a few brewskies, and a few locals joked if we were staying at the “Dead and Breakfast”. We weren’t. But the story goes that a local funeral home was converted into a B&B years after the funeral parlor owner killed kimself –you guessed it! By embalming himself! He hooked himself up to an embalming machine (pump?) and drained all his blood out. I don’t know if he added embalming fluid or not. Maybe these Mainers (Mainlanders?) were bullcrapping me, but I don’t think so.

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