Haunted Lighthouse

Situated on a craggy granite coastline of Maine’s Mount Desert Island, not far from Acadia National Park, overlooking the Gulf of Maine, stands Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse. Here’s a recent photo I took with an iPhone and made all grungy and “Dark Shadows-like” using the Snapseed Application.   Little did I know when I visited the structure that the lighthouse is allegedly haunted. In the year 1858, during the building of the lighthouse a worker went missing and a bloody axe was found near the construction site.  The body was never found, but is believed by some to be concealed in the recesses of the lighthouse tower.  Much like the Hope Diamond, the lighthouse is shrouded in mystery and death. Over the years several keepers and other folks associated with the lighthouse have died tragically —heart attacks and strokes, typhoid fever, ladder falls and other accidents.  There have been at least 10 tragic deaths in all.

Apparitions have appeared near the site.  Sometimes a man is seen sitting on a stump outside during snowy weather, and a woman is seen rocking in a chair through one of the window’s of the keeper’s house.  Other people have seen deer prancing through the snow and disappear.  Upon inspection, no tracks could be found.  The lighthouse is creepy. I’ve been there and there’s an odd, cold and distant feel to the place.  Old Man’s Beard lichen hangs from trees in the cold moist Atlantic air, the coast is rugged and dangerous and I couldn’t help but think that one of the Cthulhu was going to emerge from the rocky crevices and drag me below. If you’re on Mount Desert Island, be sure to drop by the Haunted Lighthouse of Maine.



Marcus LiBrizzi, 2001. Ghosts of Acadia, Down East Books & Magazines.

One Response to “Haunted Lighthouse”

  1. Widow’s Hill from Dark Shadows, in the fishing village/cannery town of Collinsport, Maine. The setting for the Collinwood estate, widows and others had thrown themselves off the cliff, 150 years earlier. The crying sounds coming from the hill were thought to be not the wind, but the ghosts of the widows. Some claimed to have even seen the widows walking around the estate.

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