Attack the Block (2011)

This British import is original, entertaining, foul-mouthed and very funny. It delivers the goods as a gang of punk teens take on some of the oddest aliens of filmdom.  Attack the Block is helped by a witty script and solid direction by Joe Cornish (who’s a writer for the forthcoming “The Adventures of Tintin”) and a relatively unknown cast.  I particularly liked John Boyega as hero/gang leader Moses and Luke Treadaway as pot-smoking animal-planet guru Brewis.  All the gang members are fun and they come up with clever ways to fight the monsters.  Watch out for kids that put petrol in a squirt gun!

The aliens are scary and unique.  Think of a gorilla wearing a hairy jet black costume with a muzzle of fluorescent green fangs.  All you see is black and green, and plenty of red splatter. Attack the Block was made by the producers of Shaun of the Dead.  The humor of the two films is similar.  I like how the gang members describe the aliens as “ugly muthafn’ wolf-faced f’ers” (or something to that effect).

The Blue-ray disc looks and sounds terrific with 5.1 DTS HD audio and plenty of disc supplements, including a documentary, creature FXs, cut footage, behind the scenes and some other material.  This film isn’t for kids due to considerable profanity, gore and drug references.  Along with Troll Hunter and Hobo with a Shotgun, Attack the Block is one of my favorite indies of 2011.

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