The Beast of Gévaudan

I just started reading a new book Monsters of the Gévaudan (2011, Jay M. Smith, Harvard U Press).

This is the beast popularized in the film Brotherhood of the Wolf (2001) about a ferocious animal that terrorized and killed 100’s of people in the Languedoc region of France in the 1760’s. The film of course took liberties for entertainment sake (it’s an effective mixed genre flick with horror-suspense-kung fu elements).  Smith’s book is a well-researched academic treatise (around 80 pages dedicated to notes, references and indices). So far so good.  So, what was the beast or beasts?  I don’t know yet.  Some have speculated hyena or leopard.  Werewolf? Perhaps wolves?  A wood cut render posted by the police in 1764 clearly shows that the beast was a Chupacabra.évaudan

The book is available at:évaudan-Jay-M-Smith/dp/0674047168.

2 Responses to “The Beast of Gévaudan”

  1. What is the giveaway that the woodcut illustration is a Chupacabra? Looks like an old-fashioned werewolf.

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