The Goatsucker’s a Shapeshifter

Remember when El Chupacabra was an alien or a genetic experiment gone bad?   The original goatsucker of the mid 90’s from Puerto Rico and parts of Central and South America was bad-ass with red glowing eyes, feathery spikes, clawed hands and massive canines.  He lived in the trees and was built like a kangaroo.  This was the early description by Madelyne Tolentino. I was in Puerto Rico a few times in the mid-90’s.  Allegedly the creature lived up in the rainforest of El Yunque.  That’s some deep forest up there. Perfect place to live, hide out and raid a few chicken coops.

Now the poor goatsucker has devolved into a mangy damned canine!  I don’t like the new Texas El Chupacabra.  He lacks character.  He roams around in packs and gets shot at by Texas rednecks.  He’s not a monster. He’s a naturally-occurring animal anomaly. He’s a hybrid.  A goofy-looking coyote. Crap.  Bring back the old Chupacabra please…

Check out MonsterTalk Podcast No. 14 and 15:

Interview with Madelyne Tolentino:

2 Responses to “The Goatsucker’s a Shapeshifter”

  1. Is that a Skunkacarbra?

  2. Looking very horrible! Nice collection dude, very interesting…….

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