Monsterminions’ All-Time Christmas Villains

‘Tis the holiday season and I’ve started watching a few flicks and specials already. Elf played three consecutive days on USA Network (did you know Ray Harryhausen voiced the stop-motion animated polar bear cub?), and I’ve watched A Christmas Story once already. I love Scott Farkus and his beady little yellow eyes. I love holiday villains. But there is really only one particularly nasty fellow that tops them all. He’s numero uno and no one compares. Let’s look at monsterminions’ top 10 list of Christmas curmudgeons.

Number 10: The Abominable Snowman from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. The bumble is perhaps my favorite Christmas villain, and he starts out all mean and nasty with a fierce disposition and mawl full of teeth, but he turns out to be a sweet misunderstood cryptid who’s good at decorating Christmas trees. For that reason he is No. 10 on my list.

Number 9: The Winter Warlock from Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town. Winter also starts out cold as ice, but he thaws and turns up being a nice old man played by Keenan Wynn. Winter’s also a decent singer and dancer and shows he still has a few moves in his frosty bones. Great villain becomes Mr. Niceguy. Boo.

Number 8: Lucy Van Pelt gripes and complains, wants to own real estate and charges poor Charlie Brown for counseling. I’m not convinced she’s a good egg. Actually, I’ve never liked her. What has she contributed to society anyway? And she doesn’t like dogs. LVP almost destroys Christmas, but Linus saves the day.

Number 7: Oogie Boogie from The Nightmare Before Christmas. What a strange character. Oogie Boogie is just plain rotten, harassing poor Santa. He’s bad, but not nearly at the top.

Number 6: The Burgermeister Meisterburger (or BMMB for short) from SCICTT. Another grumpy old soul voiced to perfection by the inimitable Paul Frees. The BMMB is one tough customer and nearly rids the land of toys. But he likes yo-yo’s so he’s not all bad. Santa Claus is Coming to Town fares well with villains!

Number 5: Scrooge. Ah Scrooge! Old Ebenezer’s as cheap as my friend Brett, and he’d rather see the surface population decrease rather than help out the poor, but deep down he’s another Darth Vader with Anakin Skywalker’s heart. Be sure to check out the ’51 version of this perennial Christmas favorite A Christmas Carol.

Number 4: Miles Finch. Whatever you do don’t call him an elf! He’s an angry elf.

Number 3: The Grinch. Chuck Jone’s made a better Grinch than Dr. Seuss and when you add Boris’ voice you’ve created the nearly quintessential Christmas villain. Except the Grinch carves the roast beast…

Number 2: Scott Farkus from A Christmas Story. Why does Farkus have yellow eyes? Did his liver fail? I never could understand that. In his coons-skin cap he’s about as evil as Christmas bullies get until Ralphie kicks his ass. I still think Farkus is pure evil. He’s probably in jail now. I also like his Toadie sidekick in the leather coat.

Number 1: Henry F. Potter the meanest guy in town. Potter is rotten in Frank Capra’s It’s a Wonderful Life. I’m surprised Potter’s character escaped censors. He’s never redeemed and morally irresponsible to the end. Potter’s a sociopath. Have you noticed he never returns the Building & Loan’s money? No one compares to Potter with Lionel Barrymore playing this soul-less money-hungry “warped frustrated old man” to the hilt. Shame on you Potter you’re No. 1.

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