2011 Wrap!

Well, 2011 is nearly kaput. I went through my notes today and counted up my film tally for the year. 163 films on DVD, Blu-ray, 16mm or streaming, starting with Sh! The Octopus (an archaic clinker) and ending with Apollo 18 (a found footage Indie which reminded me of an old Outer Limits Episode). Along the way I watched a few gems, including:

  • The Window,
  • Secret of the Incas,
  • Rio Conchos,
  • The Lost Missile,
  • TrollHunter,
  • Hobo with a Shotgun,
  • The Cat Creeps,
  • Kill the Irishman,
  • Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale, and
  • Kurenko.

My favorite DVD releases were Island of Lost Souls (Criterion), Colossus of New York, Diabolique (Criterion), and Kiss Me Deadly (Criterion).

In the theater, I saw 18 films. My favorites were Hugo, Super 8, The Kings Speech and True Grit. I found Rise of the Apes to be a hugely overrated. Of the remakes, True Grit and Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark were highlights. Of the superhero films, I liked the new X-Men flick and Captain America: The First Avenger. I thought the worst films were Sucker Punched and The Green Hornet (did Tom Hanks make any films in 2011?). I thought Source Code was one of the underrated films of the year. There was so much I missed, but will catch up on as DVDs or streaming in 2012. I’m looking forward to Prometheus (the alien prequel by Ridley Scott). Check it out:

One Response to “2011 Wrap!”

  1. Great list, Barry. Now I know what films to see!

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