Tucker & Dale vs. Evil (2010)

My friend Dave turned me on to this movie. It’s also gotten quite a bit of buzz in several genre mags and through the b-movie podcast and yahoo group. Tucker & Dale vs. Evil is a fresh take on the obnoxious college students versus mad-slasher/redneck genre. Tucker & Dale pokes fun at countless films, from Deliverance and the underrated Hunter’s Blood (1986), to more recent films like Wrong Turn and several others. Tucker (Alan Tudyk) and Dale (Tyler Labine) are two Appalacian good-ole boys who take off to work on Tucker’s vacation home and drink PBR and go fishing (although Dale’s not a big fan of the later).

Tucker’s the leader. He chews, plans, drives and offers advice to his fat unkept side-kick Dale. Dale is good at heart, has rote memory but barely got through 3rd grade. He’s really good at trivia games. Both characters are extremely likeable and funny.

Along the way a car-load of annoying college kids cross paths with our hick friends. That’s where the fun begins as teen after teen drop gruesome deaths in front of Tucker and Dale. The film is well-cast. The three leads, including romantic interest Allie (Katrina Bowden) are all capable actors and play their roles to the hilt. I also like psychopath teen Chad (Jesse Moss) as the hick hating villain.

Kudos to director Eli Craig (son of actress Sally Field), who has fabricated a well-constructed and entertaining comedy-horror-romance. That’s not an easy task.


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