Ceti Alpha 5’s Indigenous Life-form

I was sorting through some macro-images tonight and found this shot of an antlion (Family Myrmeleontidae). This specimen was about the size of a currant or small pea.  I dug him out of a deadfall trap in fine sandy soil under my deck.  Remember Ceti Alpha 5’s “only indigenous life-form” from Wrath of Khan (1982)?  It was a ferocious dune-dwelling burrowing beast that spawned ear-wig offspring that crawled into Chekov’s and Captain Terrell’s ear.  Yuk.  I always thought the Ceti Eel looked a bit like an antlion.  Here it is:



One Response to “Ceti Alpha 5’s Indigenous Life-form”

  1. […] young, but I loved it. Mainly because of Ceti Alpha V’s only remaining indigenous life form, a disgusting insect-like creature whose young burrow into your brain and wrap themselves around your cerebral cortex. It was one of […]

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