In Time (2011)

In Time (2011) isn’t a monster flick, but I’m including it on my blog for the futuristic sci-fi elements.  The film is sexy, looks great, has an unusual story but misses the mark for greatness.  In the future, genetically engineered people are born with luminous digital clocks that count down. People work harder and they get more time.  Time is currency.  You buy a drink, time is stripped off your clock.  You can also borrow time (at a bank) and pay interest.  Your clock runs down and you die.  The rich have a lot of time.  The poor have no time, live in the ghetto and constantly teeter on the edge of death.

In Time is worth a look.  The film reminds me a bit of Logan’s Run, with characters running with limited or borrowed time from a fascist-like police unit.  The best movies of this sub-gene include Gattacca, which I loved, Minority Report, one of Spielberg’s best, Children of Men, and George Lucas’ THX 1138, another dud that looks good.  In Time is hurt by a repetitive script and several stupid moments where Justin Timberlake has the opportunity to “Time Up” but plays Robin Hood and give time to the poor.  I’m also tired of non-stop villain Cillian Murphy, who appears to have no acting range (or has a bad agent).  He plays the same character in every movie I’ve seen him in.

Hail CGI!  For once I praise the use of computer animation.  We see a gorgeous 1969 XK-E (Jag) obliterated.  I can’t stand seeing vintage gems demolished in film.  Ah, but this was just CGI magic. They don’t make ’em like they used to.

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