Bellflower (2011)

There was quite a bit of buzz about this film at Sundance. The film is disturbing and it left me flat. In tone it reminded me of the equally disturbing River’s Edge (1986), about a group of emotionless teens that ignore the presence and implications of finding a dead body.

Two L.A. buddies dream of a Road Warrior type apocalypse and construct a hand-made operational flame thrower. Later, they modify and build a flame-belching interceptor from a ’72 Buick Skylark. The car reminds me of and was obviously inspired by Mel Gibson’s black Mad Max car.

All is well until a hip and unfaithful woman enters the picture. Bellflower is well-acted, especially by the two female leads. Jessie Wiseman (Milly) is familiar, but I have no idea who she reminds me of. IMDb lists her in two films. She’s stunning.

Director Evan Glodell constructed the scary apparatus used in the film. His photography is deliberately out of focus. It looks tilt-shifted as if it was filmed through a Lens-Baby. Some of the footage appears to be digitally cross-processed. The flames are real. And there’s blood.

Bellflower is worth a look. It offers visually distinct cinematography, an unusual storyline, fair enough acting and one hell of a car.

The title refers to an avenue in the Hollywood area.


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