I found this made for TV monster thriller on a Mill Creek “12 Creature Features” DVD collection for $4.99 at Best Buy. It’s one of the better Bigfoot/Yeti films I’ve seen, but don’t confuse it with the stinker Snow Beast (2011). Snowbeast offers a good script by Joseph Stefano (The Outer Limits, Psycho), with a Yeti beast stalking guests and locals at a Colorado ski resort. The film wisely keeps the monster in shadows, with minor but effective glimpses of the shaggy creature. Think Wampa Snow Beast (The Empire Strikes Back).

The film stars Bo Svenson as washed up gold medallist (Nordic event?) Gar Seberg, the beautiful Yvette Mimieux as his journalist wife, Robert Logan as resort owner Tony Ril, and big Clint Walker as Sheriff Paraday. When people start missing at a ski resort, the four set out to confront the hulking Snowbeast.

I like after each Snowbeast kill, the scene freeze-frames and fades to red…

Clint Walker is fun as the film’s “Guest Star” as the local Sheriff. He’s good whether he is battling Nazis, irradiated bulldozers or monstrous Grizzly bears. This film works because four likable and dissimilar people with limited skills set out to kill the beast. Jaws (1975) would’ve been different if ichthyologist Hooper was a journalist, and Quint knew nothing about sharks. In Snowbeast, the hero is a Nordic Combined gold medalist armed with a revolver and a ski pole.

The Snowbeast up close. I like this monster suit and the choice to keep the beast in shadows.

Snowy landscapes and mountain scenery also help the film, shot on location in Colorado.

Gar Seberg is cornered.

That’s a grimace… Overall, this is a fun and entertaining flick. Somehow I missed it growing up in the 70’s.

They don’t make ‘me like they used to.

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