Still Searching for London After Midnight

I love antique malls and dig around looking for vintage rangefinder cameras and movie memorabilia.  People are wise to movie posters now (lots of knock-offs and reproductions floating around and made to look old —these people should be flogged), but I usually track down something that tickles my eyes.  Today for instance I purchased a perfectly good Konica C35V film camera (1971), with a 38mm f2.8 lens for $5.

I especially get pumped when I find an old cardboard box full of 16mm films. Oh man maybe there is a lost film in here…

I thumbed through a 10′ loop of old 16mm Kodak acetate safety film. The box read “Chaplin – Lucky Day” $3.  I bought it.  I can’t find this film in Chaplin’s catalogue.  Here are some scans.  Have I found a lost Chaplin film? Maybe it was re-named for 16mm release. Any Chaplin experts out there?

I rummaged through some more films and found a “Mickey & Minnie” cartoon.  After scanning the film I made a few other discoveries.

This is an old Disney short The Plow Boy (1929) which feature the first appearance of Mickey’s horse Horace and the second appearance of Clarabelle the cow.  Nothing rare here.  It’s on YouTube!  But I keep looking for old horror gems.  I’m hoping one of these days someone will find London After Midnight or King Kong Appears in Edo.  Remember to keep digging through those films…

3 Responses to “Still Searching for London After Midnight”

  1. Dan Brown Says:

    keep looking I wouldlove to know some of these lost gems were found.

    Love your website. Always fun and educating


  2. The Chaplin film might be the Keystone short film “The Champion” 1915. It was released under the home-movie title ‘Lucky Day’, or ‘His Lucky Day’.

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