Top 5 Giant Bug Films (That never existed)

This is all for fun.  I love giant “bug” films and here is my wish list for films that never were.

  1. Return of Them! (1955). WB.  How about a color sequel to THEM! set in the Australian outback with giant bulldog ants?  Edmund Gwenn, Joan Weldon and James Arness help Aussies battle ferocious ants surrounding Ayers Rock.
  2. The Descent (1935). RKO.  A group of explorers learn of the Kong legend and return to explore the deep chasms near Skull Mountain.  Throw in Joel McCrea and an evil Leslie Banks hell-bent on returning an unsafe cargo back to Moscow.
  3. Night of the Whip!  1957.  Columbia.  Charles Schneer and Ray Harryhausen team up to unleash an army of acetic-acid spraying whip scorpions near the ancient Mayan port of Tulum.  A rare Italian poster is presented above.
  4. Flight of the Dragon.  1960. AIP. A Bert I. Gordon spectacle starring Peter Graves as a paleontologist who discovers and unleashes giant meganeura dragonflies found trapped ice.
  5. The Deadly Fleas.  1977. Stop-motion animation by David Allen.  Clint Walker and James Franciscus battle rat-sized fleas, voodoo and Geofrrey Holder while stranded on a Caribbean island. Tag line.  “They don’t suck your blood… They eat you…”

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