Zebco 733

This has nothing to do with monsters.

I decided to go down to the river this evening and fool around with some coarse fish.  Yesterday I noticed several gar rolling around in the shallows, so I grabbed my gear, bait and fired up the trusty Tacoma.  Now, when I fish for carp, buffalo, catfish or gar I don’t fart around with these new-fangled fishing reels with 12 ball-bearings and trade-marked™ aerodynamic anti-backlash mageto-helic drive functionality found on some overpriced Japanese (made in China) spinning reel.  I grab the Zebco 733.  Zebco vs. gar.

I purchased that old “Hawg” Zebco back in 1987.  You know what?  It still works.  They don’t make ’em like they used to.  Just look at the paucity of parts.  There’s nothing to break because the reel has few components to wear out.  Today’s stuff is crap. I miss the old days.  I’m still waiting on that monster gar…

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