Uhny Uftz (1965)

It mumbled huh? Of all the flying saucers in the world he has to get one with a speech impediment…

Uhny Uftz is Episode #129 from the Dick Van Dyke Show.  It aired September 29, 1965.  It’s one of my all-time favorite episodes of any TV show. Rob, Sally and Buddy are up working late into the morning hour. Sally and Buddy go on a coffee run leaving Rob, sleepy, in the office alone.  He hears a strange sound…

UHNY UFTZ. It sounds a bit like “Sonny Tufts” (star of Cat-Women of the Moon, 1953). Rob looks out of the window and claims he sees a flying saucer.  Buddy and Sally arrive and think Rob has lost it. Buddy cracks out a few one liners.

But later Buddy hears the noise…. UHNY UFTZ… Echoing from a vent. Buddy and Rob follow the noise and find it originates from a locked door. Out walks Karl (actor John Mylong, Robot Monster, 1953). He presses Buddy and Rob to go in the room.

Inside we meet henchman Hugo (Karl Lukas, who was everywhere in the 60’s) in a welding helmet.  Uhny Uftz originates from a toy flying saucer…

The electronic voice was supposed to say Merry Christmas, but Hugo goofed.  Buddy and Rob give it a fly…


The saucer came up in a Hollywood Auction a year or so ago.  Looks like the paint job changed a bit.  I wonder who bought it?

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