How to Kill Dark Fiend

I suck at gaming, but after several hours of profanity I finally killed Dark Fiend on Infinity Blade II.  This is what I did:

  • I was at Level 50 or so.
  • I was loaded up to around 1000 on health.
  • I used one of the rings with the heal function.  I had around 200 for magical powers.
  • I had a good shield. I forgot which one.
  • I killed that Bog Troll and his spawn and retrieved the Vile Sword.  They are a bitch to kill too.
  • I went hard and kept parrying the Dark Fiend and given a break would rejuvenate (4x). You have to be quick cause Dark Fiend’s blows drain your energy level quickly.
  • I mixed it up with jabs, slashes and combos.
  • Finally killed him with Super Power Level and kept slashing away.
  • Fini.

2 Responses to “How to Kill Dark Fiend”

  1. RuneScape Says:

    Your health level was 1K? ??? No offence, but isn’t it real low for a lvl 50? If you managed to kill it, with that low energy, NICE!

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