Fall Wasteland 2012 Recap!

Traditionally the Cinema Wasteland show in Strongsville, Ohio is my final horror con of the year. It’s hard to beat with a gritty feel, terrific guests, two movie rooms, great vendors, lot’s of drunk patrons (this is good?), and a hotel staff that does a great job keeping guests fed and watered. I pulled into Strongsville on Friday, checked in and grabbed a 3-day pass. Long-timers Si, Mike and Dan met me at the bar. $7 for a pumpkin ale is a bit steep, so I got my hands wet in a cooler stocked with Hex, Blood Beer (a nasty concoction made of horse radish and tomatoes), Freaktoberfest (a tasty red lager), and several other seasonals. It’s important to mix things up.

I dropped by Ron’s Creepy Classics booth and picked up a few discs: Things To Come (crappy colorized version -watch the b/w), Godzilla vs. Megalon, The Boogens, and Island of Doomed Men (Peter Lorre at his nastiest). I also made the rounds and picked up The Films of Tod Browning (edit. Bernd Herzogenrath) and Bert I. Gordon’s autobiography The Amazing Colossal Worlds of Mr. B.I.G. Bert I autographed it for me. I exchanged pleasantries that a half-sheet of Beginning on the End lies over my bed. I still like that film. How can you go wrong with giant grasshoppers crawling on the Wrigley building?

Late that night I laughed hard with Si watching Sexsquatch -you guessed it a film about an overly-hormonal bigfoot (with a British accent). Don’t watch this with grandma or the kids.

I also met with Jay and discussed script and talent for a low budget alien flick. What could it be?

I had forgotten how fun Bert I. Gordon’s Food of the Gods (1976) is. Even big Joe got in on the act and sat down and heckled at and jumped from the giant wasps, worms, chickens and rats. Afterwards we sat in on an interesting QA with Gordon and actor Belinda Balaski. I picked up a few more films –Die Monster Die (Nick Adams and Karloff), The Boogeyman, and Jess Franco’s The Sadistic Baron Von Klaus (1962). I’m set for Halloween.

Oh, and along the way we drank a lot of beer and danced with the devil.


6 Responses to “Fall Wasteland 2012 Recap!”

  1. Dave Downard Says:

    You realize you mispelled vendors as venders. Hehe, venders. Like a vender machine?

  2. Dave Downard Says:

    It looks like you danced AS the devil. And, how are you set for Halloween? You only bought 7 movies and it is only 10/9.

  3. Great time, as always. Next time I’m going to consider it my mission to get you into a hard-partying mood both nights!

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