10 Films for Halloween 2012

Vampires, lycanthropes and monsters oh my! Here are my suggestions for film picks for Halloween 2012. My criteria? At least one film that meets the following:

Has a vampire
Stars Bela Lugosi
Stars Boris Karloff
Stars Peter Cushing
Features a crazed killer
Directed by Tod Browning
Features a man in a monster suit
Has a storyline about demons or the occult
Was influenced or inspired by the works of Lovecraft or Poe

Ok. Here goes. Keep in mind these are just recommendations and not necessarily all-time horror film selections.

(1) The Boogeyman (1980). Look for the 2012 Al!ve | CMV Laservison Blu-ray from Germany. Ulli Lommel’s early entry into the “slasher” genre was obviously inspired by Halloween (1979), but this film has it’s own vibe and following. John Carradine delivers at the ripe old age of 74! Man, can you believe Christopher Lee is still active at 90?

How about a double-feature of the Lugosi-Karloff vehicle (2) The Invisible Ray (1936) paired with the Lovecraft-inspired AIP film (3) Die, Monster Die! (1965)? Both films feature Boris Karloff harnessing radiation from a mysterious meteorite. Die, Monster Die! features some of the strangest monsters ever! Nick Adams has met some odd ones.

Here he investigates strange noises with Suzan Farmer.

Karloff the radiated!

(4) The Boogens (1981). I saw this film back in the day! Check out the new 2012 Blu-ray Disc with commentary. Strange tentacled beasts terrorize miners and teenagers in this 80’s b-movie throwback. Stay with it. The film eventually reveals the “boogens”. I love the creatures -they reminds me of the silicates from (5) Island of Terror (1966), which I’m also recommending. Peter Cushing battles bone-sucking cancer cell mutations in this underrated gem.

(6) Dracula (1931). Watch the new 2012 Blu-ray HD remastered print available on the Universal Monsters set. The film has never looked better. I don’t like the optional Philip Glass Kronos Quartet score. Stick to the original. No score is creepy and better than a monotonous one.

(7) Godzilla vs. Megalon (1973). Hurray Media-Blasters and the 2012 DVD! This film should be titled Godzilla and Jet Jaguar vs. Megalon and Gigan. This is my pick for imaginative and bored kids. The print looks terrific and the Kaiju action is non-stop. I liked the Japanese version better. The english dubbing of that little kid annoys me. Godzilla’s almost a cameo appearance in this film. This film is more fun than a mason jar full of leeches.

(8) Halloween III: Season of the Witch (Silver Shamrock Special Edition DVD). A lot of purists dislike this film because it has nothing to do with Michael Myers. Tom Atkins delivers, the film is different and this DVD is loaded with extras, including the locations of Halloween III with director Tommy Lee Wallace and Horror Hound’s Sean Clark.

(9) Criterion’s Blu-ray of Island of Lost Souls (1932). My vote for the best Home-video release of the year.

(10) Prometheus (2012). This film has enough horror elements that I am including it. I’m curious how it will hold up to multiple viewings, but it left my jaw on the floor at the IMAX.

Well, that’s my Halloween list for 2012. Early too!

2 Responses to “10 Films for Halloween 2012”

  1. Prometheus left your jaw on the floor because your brain couldn’t believe how bad the writing was. Interesting choices, though. I haven’t seen “Die Monster, Die” in ages.

    • Interesting enough I watched it again last night as HD Blu-ray. Several cut scenes deserved to be cut. It held up well for me even without the big visuals. I like the theme of that film regarding man searching for his origins. Some awful stereotypes generated along the way. 3 maybe 4 too many characters. I rank it up there as one of RS’s best. To each there own. Of course I enjoyed SEXSQUATCH.

      From Barry’s iPhone

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