Return of the Werewolf

I now have great respect for Eric Stoltz, who endured globs of makeup both in Mask (1985) and The Fly II (1998). I bought a $10 Don Post werewolf mask and carefully glued the latex appliances to my face using spirit gum -a particularly tenacious aromatic adhesive consisting of SD Alcohol 35-A (roughly 95% grain alcohol and 5% ethyl acetate) and resin (a natural petroleum secretion derived from coniferous trees). This was the preferred adhesive of Lon Chaney, Jr. and Jack Pierce. The Frankenstein monster head was largely made up of collodion, a mixture of ether and ethanol that rendered cellulose nitrate into a clear gelatinous liquid. Spirit gum was used to secure various portions of the makeup effect. Olive oil works great as a solvent to removed the sticky gum.

Anyway, spirit gum works. Here’s what I worked up with a little digital rendering help from an iPhone app. Return of the Werewolf!



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