Diatryma Ate Nuts?

Diatryma_Z Burian

A new study based on footprints suggests that the monster flightless Eocene bird Diatryma was not a meat-eater, but likely ate veggies and nuts.  Man, these new-age paleontologists have to ruin all the prehistoric monsters of my childhood. Just look at the maw of this beast in this wonderful render by Czech artist Zdeněk Burian (Plate 39, Prehistoric Animals, 1953).

Diatryma Skeleton_Reconstruction_Diller et al

Boo.  To me, this bird ate meat and ate it good.  Crows eat meat and they don’t have claws.


The skeleton of Diatryma, a gigantic bird from the Lower Eocene of Wyoming. Bulletin of the AMNH ; v. 37, article 11. Matthew, William Diller, 1871-1930.; Granger, Walter, 1872-1941.; Stein, William, paleontologists.

Giant Eocene bird footprints from Northwest Washington, USA. GEORGE E. MUSTOE, DAVID S. TUCKER, KEITH L. KEMPLIN


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