Jackie Gleason’s UFO Pad

Yippee! This is my 500th post and the last day of 2012. Here’s a story I’m passing on after reading a post from The Museum of the Weird: Jackie Gleason went golfing with President Nixon, had a few drinks, and visited dead extraterrestrials at a local airbase with Tricky Dick. Gleason was fascinated by UFOs and in the late 50’s built this tripped out flying saucer pad, near Peekskill, NY that featured over 15 bars, an observatory and a Tesla Coil. The house was discussed in the April 1960 edition of Popular Mechanics. Google/NY State GIS aerial shows the house is still there. I wonder if the Tesla Coil is still operative? In any event, check out the links below:

They Don’t Make ‘Em Like They Used To…



Coordinates: 41°14’30″N 73°53’51″W

Museum of the Weird Post

Youtube Video on Gleason and UFOs

2 Responses to “Jackie Gleason’s UFO Pad”

  1. Hi! Does the house still exist? If so, does somebody live in it? If not, what is there now?

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