Monsterminions Top 10 Cryptids

Here’s my list for the top 10 most believable Cryptids:

1. Thylacine or Tasmanian Tiger. These creatures existed. They’re probably extinct, but I think there is a rare chance that a population might still exist in mountainous and rural Tasmania and associated islands.
2. “Giant Insects”. The extinct Lord Howe Island Stick Insect isn’t extinct. It was found on remote Ball’s Rock. Perhaps there are other large insects that have escaped man’s observation.

3. Giant Octopus. I’m not referring to giant or colossal squid, but their cephalopod relatives the Octopi. I think there is good chance that the St. Augustine Florida beach monster (1896) was indeed a monstrous octopus.

4. Yeti, Alma, Sasquatch, Bigfoot, Skunk Ape, Stiyaha and Skoocooms. I’m lumping the whole lot as the same beast from different cultures, myths and geographies. I find it odd (supporting evidence?) that just about every culture has stories of the giant hairy man-beast.
5. Orang Pendek. The little bigfoot. The remoteness of Indonesia, coupled with the diversity of the Sumatran rainforests could support this diminutive cryptid. More and more sightings are being documented:
6. Nessie. Nessie isn’t a single beast. I think there is a remote possibility a colony of amphibious/aquatic creatures reside in Loch Ness. I don’t think the creatures are plesiosaurs or air-breathers for that matter. I’m thinking they have gills and don’t require respiration at the surface. Big larval salamanders! Maybe Archaeoceti (ancient whales):
7. Champ and Ogopogo. Lake monsters! I find it harder to believe that inland lakes Champlain (New York and Vermont) and Okanagan (British Columbia) could support reptilian denizens.
8. The original El Chupacabra. Mangy coyote-dog hybrids are roaming Texas! I don’t believe in the extraterrestrial goat-sucker with glowing red eyes, claws and fangs.
9. Mothman. Perhaps a demon? Mothman is perhaps the most enigmatic of the cryptids. I think we have mass hysteria at play here…

10. The Jersey Devil. Too weird.

Honorable Mention: The Mad Gasser of Mattoon Illinois. What a story!


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