John Dies at the End (2012)

I streamed Don Coscarelli’s film adaptation of David Wong’s graphic novel John Dies at the End (2012). This was one wacked out film reminding me a bit of Cronenberg’s The Naked Lunch (1991). Both films feature the use of mind-tripping hallucinogens, pyrethrum and soy sauce, respectively and creepy arthropod entities. Basically I was entertained but totally lost. I can see this becoming a cult film. Don Coscarelli has this thing about male genitalia. First we see Elvis (Bruce Campbell) get stroked off by a nurse in Bubba Ho-Tep (2002) and in Dies we see a door knob turn into a penis and balls. In any event, trip movies are an acquired taste. I’ll stick to Altered States (1980) for films of this nature. Proceed cautiously…



5 Responses to “John Dies at the End (2012)”

  1. If you thought the film was wacked you should read the book. Although when reading the book you mind creates the “realities” and scenes, so it doesn’t exactly play out like Coscarellis vision. And there was ALOT left out or skimmed over. Unfortunately, this movie could have played out like a 2.5-3 hour Spielberg epic and it would have been better, but nobody would have seen it then. I thought the bright spots were Amy (Fabienne Therese) for the obvious reasons and Arnie Blondstone (Paul Giamatti). And the doorknob penis was so unrealistic. At least that’s what I heard.

  2. Was the doorknob dick in the comic? I was a bit taken a back. If I went to grab a door knob and it turned into a Johnson hanging there I would probably start drinking heavily.

  3. Actually wasn’t a graphic novel. Is an actual novel. And I don’t specifically remember that but do remember that the door knob morphed into something.

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