Faking Cattle Mutilations

In the modern age of iTechnology it’s super easy to fake cattle mutilations! Here’s how it’s done:
I decided to make a flying saucer diorama using a resin “Earth vs. The Flying Saucers” kit. Rather than use the crappy base, I sculpted a terrain model using clay. I added some fuller’s earth, bits of twig and model railroad ballast for texture. I added a few Z-scale cows and a fence line. A couple of the cows are melted and ripped apart. Here’s an untouched iPhone image.

Next, using the Snapseed App I cropped the image and converted to monochrome. I used a red filter to mute out the reds in the clay and rear wall. This gave the image a vintage look.

Then I switched to the Lensflare App to add creative lighting effects, including a laserblast from the saucer turret and an anti-gravity field to mask the support pedestal.

Lastly, I used the Snapseed App to add a vintage border, and we have an authentic photo-documentation of Cattle Mutilation!

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