The Black Scorpion?

I was screwing around with some double exposures and images of a vinyl monster and it ended up, unintentionally looking a bit like The Black Scorpion (1957).



2 Responses to “The Black Scorpion?”

  1. I love the Black Scorpion Movie! Classic giant monster movie. However, I heard that Willis O’Brien did not want the eyes on the scorpion but the studio made him put them on because they were afraid the audience wouldn’t identify with something with out a face.

    • Good feedback. O’B sometimes used giant mockups along with his animations (Kong, The Giant Behemoth, The Black Scorpion). He was a bit of a stickler for details so I am inclined to say that the prosthetic monsters were indeed added by producers. In the case of Kong we know this to be true as Cooper wanted the giant mockup.

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