White Zombie (1932) Blu-Ray

Kino Lorber’s latest Kino Classic Blu-Ray release of White Zombie (1932) is the definitive pressing I have seen of the film. I have perhaps 5 versions of White Zombie, including a terrible, inaudible Goodtimes VHS copy; an early laserdisc pressing; a superlative Roan Group laserdisc, an exceptional Roan Group Restored DVD (with definitive commentary by Lugosi scholar Gary Don Rhodes); and now this Blu-Ray. This disc stands apart in having yet another commentary, this time by film historian Frank Thompson (who never bores), and the strike from a fine grain master. The film looks terrific in HD on Blu-Ray, as viewed on my cathode ray HD 1080-I TV.

This disc also includes a nice slide selection of publicity materials, the re-issue trailer (not in Sepia as presented on the Roan disc), and the fascinating “Intimate Interview” short filmed in the early 30’s (also on the Roan DVD). Lugosi plays it up in this interview. He was a strikingly athletic man at the time of this interview. I half believe him when he says he’s a bit of a lone wolf and it takes him awhile to warm up to people. He also reflects patriotically on his American citizenship.

If you haven’t seen White Zombie or you don’t have a print in your collection, this is the time to buy. Around $20. White Zombie is essential to any film collection.

They don’t make ’em like they used to!

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