An Interview with Garou Wolfman


Garou Wolfman is a familiar face on the convention circuit and as the Lycanthrope compliment to Penny Dreadful and her Shilling Shockers. A fan favorite, Garou loves his work and is dedicated to preserving the theatrics of horror film hosting, entertainment, and scaring little kids. I recently caught up with Garou for some candid Q & A:

Monsterminions: Garou, I have to ask, have you ever been confused with the Québécois singer with the same name?

Garou: Yes, he got credit for something I did.

Monsterminions: Your name of course is derived from the French Loup-Garou or werewolf. You are the Werewolf Wolfman. That’s a bit like MANOS: The Hands of Fate or, translated, Hands: The Hands of Fate.

I got on a tangent there- Seriously, Do you fashion yourself as a stylish werewolf? Your attire appears to be early 19th century?

Garou: My clothes tend to get pretty muddy and I have a supernaturally bad problem with ring around the collar. It is true my clothes are early 19th Century because I really don’t like to go shopping very often.

Monsterminions: Your shirt reminds me of Jerry’s Seinfeld’s billowy shirt in the pirate episode.

Garou: Thank you. I also drive like George Costanza.

Monsterminions: Tell us about the facts and fallacies of lycanthrope mythology. For instance, is the silver bullet weakness a bunch of BS? What about wolf’s bane?

Garou: It would be foolish to debunk the myths that help to ensure the survival of my kind. All I can tell ya is, keep off the wolfbane! That stuff packs a wallop.

Monsterminions: The Werewolf of London seeks the toxins from the rare phosphorescent moon-flower, the Mariphasa, to suppress nocturnal transformations. Do you have similar vices?

Garou: I do have a similar vice but it doesn’t have me in its grip.

Monsterminions: So… Tell us about Penny Dreadful. She’s kinda hot in her own little way. How did you guys hook up?

Garou: Penny Dreadful and I were brought together by a portrait of her I found. Wacky hijinks ensued!

Monsterminions: Seriously, no offense or anything, but how long does it take you to get in character and apply your makeup? You are in makeup right?

Garou: Makeup?! Were we arguing?

Monsterminions: Who do you look up to? Who are your inspirations?

Garou: Aarrrrroooou! Penny Dreadful is my inspiration. I also admire Ringo and Harpo and Lon Chaney Junior.

Monsterminions: Any plans for a movie? What’s on the horizon for Garou?

Garou: More Shilling Shockers to come in the not too distant future.
I wanted the role in The Actor but they never called me back. So, no movie yet.

Monsterminions: Thank you Garou! We look forward to seeing you on TV and at conventions!

Garou: Thanks for talking with me. This google lycantranslator software works pretty good, no? I got turned onto it when I decided to give Twitter a try. For those who care to play along at home, look up Garou Wolfman on the Twitter. AAAAARRRRROOOU!


Fake Garou

2 Responses to “An Interview with Garou Wolfman”

  1. Chaplain Stanley Howard Schwartz DD, US Army Retired Says:

    This interview with it’s banter, wit, and humor made me proud to be Garou’s pop. I have lived 75 years already and never had a full moon effect me. AAAARRRROOOOU.

  2. Adrian Everett Says:

    Sad News Werewolf and Horror Host Lovers. Sad Day is Sad today. Garou, husband to Penny Dreadful The XIII has sadly lost his battle with cancer and is now free of pain and gone on to the wilds of heaven. Prayers and Condolences to Penny and her immediate family.

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