Raiga (2009)

Raiga_Battle beneath the sea

I found this film buried in a tupperware tub full of DVDs. I have no idea where I picked it up, but in trying to stay organized I must have shoveled this flick into a bin with bootleg monster films. It’s a Japanese language film with no subtitles. I have no idea what the story is about, other than there are some goofy video-weened teens and Japanese special task force types involved.

I can say that Deep Sea Monster Raiga, or Raiga (2009) is a parody of Japanese giant monster films or Kaiju. I love the design of Raiga. The deep sea monster looks a bit like another famous giant lizard, but has massive frilled claws, odd glowing orbs and unusual dorsal plates a bit like the new Gamera. Raiga is sorta a cross between Godzilla and Titanosaurus.

The opening moments feature Raiga battling a scaly ichthyosaur or placoderm-like creature, called a Giant Devil Bone Fish, on the floor of the abyssal plain. Raiga is an electrical monster with some tricks up his slee… Er, Claw?



The usual high jinx occurs as Raiga moves from the deep sea through the Sumida River into Asakusa, where all hell breaks lose. Even in parody stupid people of planet earth will not learn that guided missiles won’t do the trick.

Raiga_Guided missile attack

Grrrrrrrr. Get ’em Raiga



3 Responses to “Raiga (2009)”

  1. I like the design of that chap as well. I might have to hunt this film out.

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