How to Build a Martian

Pegasus 8th Scale Martian Kit

My buddy Dave gave me this way cool kit as a gift.  Here’s a work in progress:


Martian_Second Coat

After the basecoat I just sprayed on another few coats of Krylon tan paint (used for plastic lawn furnature).  I then added several wet diluted (wash) coats of red-orange and reptilicus green freaky acrylic paint. For the arteries I used a metallic silver marker.  The triocular eyes were painted from behind with good old Tester’s enamel.  In the end I sprayed it with about five coats of Krylon poly.  I included a glow lamp behind the eye socket, but the effect was disappointing and the Martian really doesn’t have a glowing eyeset (the war machine camera does though!).  Here’s a final taken with Voightlander Nokton 50mm f1.5 wideopen… Touched up a bit with CamerBag2.

War of the Worlds_Martian

And a shot of the Martian on it’s homeplanet…


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