Field Guide to the Kaiju of PacRim

Kaiju Blue

For those interested, the Kaiju of Pacific Rim (2013) include the following monsters:

  • RECKONER.  This is the skeleton briefly seen in the Hong Kong backdrop.
  • KNIFEHEAD.  Obviously inspired by Daiei’s Guiron (Gamera’s foe), Knifehead is a Category 3 Kaiju that does a number on Gypsy Danger.
  • AXEHEAD.  This is the monster that levels San Fran’s Golden Gate Bridge in the opening moments of the film. We only catch glimpses of Axehead.
  • BLADEHEAD.  This is the Kaiju that slices through the anti-Kaiju wall in Sydney. Again, only clips and a terrific long shot are shown. Bladehead is one of the most interesting monster designs in the film.
  • ONIBABA.  This is the crab-monster that terrorizes young Mako. The Kaiju draws comparison to the giant crustacean Ganime from Yog: Monster from Space (1970).
  • LEATHERBACK.  This Category IV Kaiju is bipedal with massive arms and is simian-like. The design reminds me of King Kong. Leatherback is a Category IV Kaiju and gives Cherno Alpha hell. Leatherback has an extended appearance in the film. Leatherback has an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) weapon.
  • OTACHI.  Emerges from the rift with Leatherback. OTACHI is dragon-like, Category IV and the only Kaiju which takes flight. OTACHI has venomous spit. The refurbished Gypsy Danger defeats Otachi.
  • SCUNNER.  This is the broad-faced Category IV monster that holds back at the opening of the rift. It looks to me like the giant fire demon Balrog from Jackson’s Lord of the Rings.
  • RAIJU.  Looks like a rhedosaurus combined with a pangolin and a crocodile. This is the lizard-like elongated Kaiju that gets his belly slit. He too sits by the rift and does nothing. Why does he sit by the rift?
  • SLATTERN.  Reminds me of the judge’s butt in Pink Floyd/Roger Water’s animated sequences of The Wall. This is the only Category V Kaiju in the film. He is the one that is speared and pulled into the rift. Slattern is supposed to be a really tough Category 5 Kaiju, but it does nothing.
  • KAIJU BLUE. This isn’t a monster, but the toxic blue blood of the Kaiju. Gamera’s blood is also bright blue. Remember Guiron cutting Gamera and blue blood spurts out?

Well, those are the monsters.  Too bad they are obscured by CGI composition in the deep gray sea, typhoons and rainstorms…

Ah, they don’t make Kaiju like they used to…


2 Responses to “Field Guide to the Kaiju of PacRim”

  1. Nice list. I just wanted to say, the original Godzilla only attacked at night, often in rainstorms, and was often obscured by smoke from bombs and gunfire. Same with Gamera. In fact, the more we seen of Godzilla in subsequent films, the faker he looked. They should send Big G back to nighttime attacks 🙂

    • Big G’s initial appearance was boat attack at night and later we see glimpses of him in daylight raid. GTD certainly paid homage. I think he went overboard on the rain though. Man, the scenes with Axehead and Bladehead in daylight were superb and I think some of the spectacle was lost in the dark.

      From Barry’s iPhone

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