Armchair QB’ing Pacific Rim


I’ve just been asked to comment on the script for Pacific Rim and am looking at some conceptual renders.  Here are my comments (all in fun… it’s so easy to do this sort of thing):


  1. Eliminate all “Topgun” antics; Tone back testosterone of Aussie Chuck Hansen. His character should be more like a younger version of Charles Bronson in The Magnificent Seven. Make him a team player.
  2. Cut comedic aspects of scientists Geiszler and Gottleib, especially Day’s Geiszler.  Both men should play the characters straight. Eliminate squabbling between the characters.
  3. Eliminate insubordination aspects related to Jaeger pilots following orders from Stacker Pentecost.  The pilot should follow supervision. Pentecost should be in control and a military strategist type.
  4. Why do all Russian men look like Dolf Lungren in Rocky IV?  Fix Kaidanovsky’s hair.
  5. Mako seems too wimpy to be piloting a Jaeger.  Can we give her a bit more edge?
  6. Compose assault on Hong Kong during day-break. Eliminate all rain.  The Gypsy Danger redemption sequence, battling Leatherback and Otachi should be done under clear conditions.   
  7. Need alternative method to collapse rift.



  1. Dislike the last 3 Kaiju at the end.  Focus on one powerful Kaiju similar to the Hydra in Jason and the Argonauts or King Ghidorah.  This should be a badass monster capable of crushing a Jaeger in one blow. The monster exits the rift like a demon from hell and is cast back into the pit by Gypsy Danger. 
  2. Can we have more of Bladehead?  Expand destruction of Sydney.  Can we have Bladehead destroy the opera house?
  3. Add the conceptual monster nick-named Karloff.  Have him destroy London in news footage.

Karloff Statue from Pacific Rim (Conceptual)

One Response to “Armchair QB’ing Pacific Rim”

  1. I think that would have been a great idea, having the last, Cat-5 Kaiju similar to the Hydra & Ghidrah. I think the attacks in the night were a homage to early kaiju films, Godzilla only attacked at night, same with Gamera. I think the rain masks some of the digital quality of the CG – I didn’t mind that at all.

    As far as the characters… lets face it, they were only there to support the monster battles. I did think the scientists was a bit much, didn’t find their scenes all that amusing. 🙂

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