Pacific Rim (2013, IMAX/3D)

I saw Pacific Rim again today. I decided to watch it in 3D on the IMAX. Actually, I prefered the movie the second time around.  The images seemed sharper and the monsters more impressive. I am wondering if I saw an out of focus projection last time. The gigantic spectacle of seeing the titanic clash of Jaeger and Kaiju on the IMAX held my attention and I wasn’t as irritated by the silly characters.  I think GDT opted for all the rain (and snow or was that fallout in the Tokyo flashback sequence) to help the 3D effect.  That’s just my opinion. In any event, I just had to see what really happened to Hannibal Chau (stay through the end credits).

Pacific Rim, IMAX/3D. Three Stars.  Ignore my post regarding not seeing the film in 3D.

One Response to “Pacific Rim (2013, IMAX/3D)”

  1. That’s funny because I was just searching some pictures for a possible review or at least to add them to my ‘Robots in film – a complete history’ post and a lot of the shots look less distinct in 2d, especially the fight scenes 🙂

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